Cobbler’s Children’s Shoe syndrome

The inspiration for my first post for 2018 came about when I paid a little more attention to the monthly Stallard bank statement than I normally do.

Now, here is the thing, I spend 6 days a week talking to customers about their monthly spending budgets.

Trust me, I have seen them all, people seemingly living off fresh air each month to folk paying hundreds a month for the pool cleaner and aga service.

I can tell any first-time buyer in ten minutes down to two decimal places how much it will cost to run their lives and dream home. I do budgets well.

So, you may be surprised I think I suffer from “Cobbler’s Children Shoe Syndrome”, i.e. I am good at sorting my customers lives, but sometimes my own gets lost in the evening tiredness.

You have heard it all before; marketeers who don’t market their own business and the like. I have advised customers in technology companies and consulting firms that fail to put into practice for themselves a single theory or model upon which they have built their businesses.

Why is a question for a physiologist!

So, cutting to the chase I realised I was now sending a monthly amount that would fund an Indian moon landing to my TV, internet and phone provider.

I called them and after some perseverance got that bill sliced by £30 a month. And no, I didn’t buy the full package before, this has just crept up little by little because I have not “been on it” enough.

I have 31 days to consider the new offering and I am doing just that because it seems the other big provider can offer me more.

I know it’s a hassle but so is paying far more than you need each month.

Tip, note down in your phone exactly what you are buying and when the contract ends and set diary dates to remind you.

On my mission, I then set about my energy usage.

To be fair all was good there but I have set notes and diary reminders when the fixed periods expire. (I am beginning to sound like a good mortgage adviser!)

We have so much choice out there now.

I am paid to look after your mortgages and insurance needs and suppliers but there is much you are left with to sort.

Everyone loves you as a new customer but many suppliers will want inertia from you because you are too tired, busy or just cannot be bothered to review and maybe change.

That’s where they make up their initial losses from you.

Don’t let them, it’s a satisfying New Year’s task.

Now, where was I? “Alexa call…”

Happy New Year all let’s have a great one!