The Homebuyers Report

What’s right for you?

In Part 2 of my investigation into Surveys and what is right for you I look at the Homebuyers Report.

“I have been advised to get a Homebuyers Report, what does it mean and what I am getting?”

RICS Homebuyer report

The RICS Homebuyers Report is a detailed inspection of a property designed to provide the client with useful information in an easily understandable format at a reasonable cost.

Thank you to Giles Cooper at Cotswold Surveyors, again, for your help in putting this piece together.

The main objective is to assist the prospective purchaser in making a reasoned and informed judgment on whether to proceed with the purchase and to be clear about what decisions and actions should be taken before contracts are exchanged.

It is designed ideally for houses built since 1900, which are of conventional construction and in reasonable condition, although in some cases it may be suitable for older properties.

The report is presented in an easy to read format with standard headings and the minimum of technical jargon so that clients can quickly find the details they need.

It is a concise and cost-effective report and therefore less detailed than a Building Survey.

It includes a coloured ‘traffic light’ system to easily identify the condition of the various elements of the property and information regarding property maintenance.

The RICS Homebuyer Report includes advice on the recommended minimum buildings re-insurance sum. It does not include a market valuation of the property but one can be added if required.

The report includes:

  • A full and close inspection, with binoculars where necessary, of all accessible external areas including roof surfaces, chimneys, and rainwater fittings
  • Superficial inspection from ground level of wall surfaces and joinery (including windows and doors)
  • Inspection and comment on any signs of structural movement
  • Identification where possible of the damp proof course and electronic tests internally for both rising and   penetrating dampness
  • Identification and advice on wood boring infestation
  • Superficial comment on the visible parts of the service installations including the exposure of accessible drain runs/inspection chambers
  • Inspection and advice on the condition of significant outbuildings including garages
  • Comment on significant defects relating to the boundary lines, including walls and fences.

Thank you to Giles Cooper at Cotswold Surveyors for explaining what a Homebuyers report entails.

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