Types of Surveys for House Buyers

I am often asked about Surveys and which is right for whom, in what circumstance.

So this week we will take a look at the BUILDING SURVEY.

Thank you, Giles Cooper at Cotswold Surveyors for your help in putting this together.

The building survey is a comprehensive inspection, suitable for all property types, which involves a detailed examination of all accessible parts of the property and can be tailor-made to suit your individual needs and concerns.

Property Types & Details:

  • Historic and listed buildings
  • Properties built before 1900
  • Properties which you plan to renovate or alter
  • Buildings which have already had extensive alteration or extension
  • Properties that have been neglected or poorly maintained.
  • Identifies any defects
  • Results of testing walls for dampness and timbers for damage, including woodworm or rot
  • Comments on the existence and condition of damp-proofing,  insulation, and services (although the latter will not be tested)
  • Technical information on the construction of the property and details about the materials used in construction
  • Specific comments on aspects of the building, tailor-made to your requirements
  • Recommendations for any further specialist inspections with photographs to illustrate the issues raised
  • The Building Survey does not include a Valuation, although a separate Valuation Report can be provided if required.

 What’s included in a Building Survey?

• Full inspection of the roof externally and internally, with an expertise in thatched roofs

• Full inspection with binoculars of all chimneys, gutters, and valleys

• Detailed examination of windows, brickwork, rendering or stonework, including expert advice on structural timbers and conservation

• Analysis of the severity of any structural defects and recommended courses of action

• Drains are checked and traced where possible and covers lifted where practicable

• Internally walls, ceilings, plasterwork, and joinery are closely inspected together with general comments on the quality of fittings and fixtures, including kitchens

• The services (gas, water, and electricity) are inspected and where appropriate, specialist tests recommended

• Tests are carried out for damp, including both floors and walls

• Wood-boring insects are identified, if appropriate, together with any signs of mice, bats or other vermin

• The boundaries are closely examined along with trees and water features, although swimming pools are excluded. We will comment on any potential flood issues

• Outbuildings such as garages are inspected and if instructed coach houses, stables, and barns can be included

• A verbal report is given immediately after carrying out the inspection to give an overview and hopefully some peace of mind.


Thank you to Giles Cooper at Cotswold Surveyors for explaining what a Building Survey report entails.

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