No such thing as a free doctor?

Well, of course there are free doctors.

That is the ethos of our free, excellent NHS, not forgetting of course it is funded largely by our taxes.

However, were you aware that many of our leading insurance companies offer some excellent free services that come with the policies that you may buy or already own?

I am just going to pick out a few and focus only on those services around healthcare, so let me apologise in advance for those not mentioned.

Crucially, I am not singling out one service to be better than another, I just want my readers to understand that life insurance or income protection offers so much more to their customers than may be initially thought.

Not all plans offered by these companies contain these offerings, so as always please make sure you speak to your adviser to gain the full facts.

So, in no particular order and with no bias or preference lets start with the offering by Royal London…


They offer Helping Hand which is a support service that comes with all their protection plans bought through intermediaries. You do not pay extra for the services and is available to your partner and children. If the client experiences serious illness, injury or bereavement during the time their policy is in force, Helping Hand gives you access to a dedicated nurse who will provide tailored and personal support for as long as you need it.


Legal and General offer Nurse Support Services provided by RedArc Assured Ltd. Amongst other services this includes mental health support, serious injury, disability, or bereavement support.

They also offer second medical opinion if the client has concerns about a diagnosis or course of treatment. There’s also carer support to provide phone support for people recovering at home.

The RedArc team are highly experienced qualified nurses, each with a specialist area of expertise.


LV offer Doctor Services. Many of their customers have access to this service and put simply it is a service that offers free, fast and convenient access to medical services. They have recently added Remote Physiotherapy, Remote Psychological Services and discounted Health MOTs.


Aviva and AIG offer Best Doctors, another completely free of charge service.

There are over 50,000 doctors worldwide in 450 specialities in the Best Doctors organisation. It is there to compliment the help your own doctor is providing. If needed they will collect all your records, test results, X-rays, scans and then issue you a comprehensive report and recommendation, providing you a top second opinion service.


Aegon provide a second medical opinion service with face to face meetings with a UK based specialist. This includes a review of your diagnosis, treatment and medication and ongoing support from a dedicated nurse advisor.

Of course, I should carefully state once again that there are many other excellent providers offering similar extras to their plans and all the above need careful and precise explanation.

I conclude by making two key points:

Firstly, maybe you or someone you know is struggling now health wise and has a good policy sat in the drawer. It may just have some of the above benefits and services attached and they are not being called upon because the customer was just sold “life cover” “PHI” or “Critical Illness cover”. Check what you’ve got.

Secondly, and finally, good insurance protection plans come with real extras included with them that are there to be used and not just left in an envelope marked “Life Cover”. Have you used such a service?

Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income.


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