What Makes a Holiday Let?

What makes a Holiday Let?

That’s a great question. It’s really asking — what does a Holiday Let look and feel like. We asked our friends at Cornwall Hideaways for their thoughts…

Everybody has an idea but there are many elements to a successful holiday. I aim to explore the key elements that contribute to a successful holiday letting property, delving into the various factors that can transform a simple stay into an unforgettable experience.

Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, location, location, location which seems like a cliché but it’s only a cliché because it’s true.

The location of your potential property is very important as it needs to appeal to a diverse range of customers.

And the location has to provide a great base that ticks all the boxes for all customers.

A coastal property should of course be close to the beach/shoreline enabling customers to enjoy the benefits of the location. However, whatever the appeal that the property has, secluded, isolated, in the midst of the action, village or town centre it should be in the best spot to provide the best experience.

First impressions count

We all buy with our eyes so visually the property needs to be well-presented and well-maintained.

Don’t forget in today’s technology-led world potential customers are only a couple of clicks away from looking at your property on google earth – if it looks good here then you’re on the right track.

This then leads to great photography taken on the right day with the right light and making the most of any views or unique features.

A 3D tour and ‘walk through’ would also add to the buying experience.

The décor is most important and interior design can work out as a great investment to make your property stand out from the crowd.

If it’s coastal it should reflect its surroundings but not be too overly ‘seasidey’ and the same goes for a rural country retreat.

Cater for everyone

The amenities of any property are always important and the basic needs are simple. If it sleeps 4 then it should comfortably seat and dine 4 and so on.

It should be comfortable and have alternative seating so don’t just keep it to the minimum, provide comfort, space and options for both.

The modern traveller expects a lot so stand out and provide all that you can,. The aroma of a great coffee machine, great tunes from a great sound system, a bubbling hot tub, the joy of cooking outdoors in an outdoor kitchen, crisp and tasty Pizzas from an outdoor Pizza oven, your favourite glass from the wine chiller will make memories to savour and will definitely make guest want to come back for more.

Kitchens and bathrooms matter. Alot.

With today’s general love of great food, the kitchen should be a ‘foodie’s dream’ all modern appliances should be considered where possible with entertaining spaces to involve everyone also helps create an experience.

Bathrooms should be modern, well-presented and immaculately maintained and be great spaces to relax and unwind.

Gardens and outdoor spaces are a huge benefit and should be an extension of the house, not a separate area.

Make the most of the space, make it cosy, pretty and include games if you have the space, badminton/volleyball/tennis rackets and a net will add fun to the garden.

A hot tub or sauna, although an expense, could increase bookings by adding a feature many lack.

The addition of garden lighting not only extends the garden’s functionality into the evening, it adds a lovely touch of beauty to the space, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To sum up

In conclusion, a successful holiday let involves a great location, appealing visuals, thoughtful interior design, and modern amenities.

Providing comfort, outdoor enjoyment, and relaxation through gardens and special features, will leave a lasting impression on guests, ensuring a memorable and sought-after getaway.

Steve Boucher, New Business Executive, Cornwall Hideaways