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Here's why we charge a fee...

We want to be transparent with our clients about all stages of the mortgage process. That includes detailing why we charge an arrangement fee for helping put your mortgage in place.

Our arrangement fee is due only when we’ve secured you a suitable mortgage offer.

No application will ever be submitted without your permission, but when we do get that application through to offer, then we charge you our fee at that point.

Why we charge an arrangement fee…

1. Quality not quantity

Our business model is built around giving you the best quality advice and service possible.

We believe that’s the only way to treat people, but also we want to look after every mortgage transaction you ever need and we want you to shout about the amazing help you received to all your family and friends.

That’s how we can help more people.

By charging a fee, we can focus on giving you and your situation the time and care needed to provide that quality level of service rather than having to try and help as many clients as possible at any one time.

2. Additional client manager

As part of delivering that service, every one of our brokers works alongside a specialist client manager.

It’s their job to get your mortgage application offered as soon and as hassle-free as possible.

They’ll need your help by getting all requested documentation to us swiftly as they’re required for our advice process and/or by the lender.

Of course there will sometimes be unforeseen requirements from a lender, but our team is trained to try and minimise that as much as possible, which ultimately means we should get your mortgage offer sooner and avoid unnecessary delays.

3. Cover business overheads

This may sound broing, but hours of work go into every mortgage case.

We have a duty and obligation to give you the right advice for your circumstances and part of that includes looking at all the available options in order to come back with the right recommendation for you.

Sometimes, through no fault of ours or yours, a property purchase or remortgage may not proceed once a mortgage offer has been secured.

Therefore, we a charge an arrangement fee when we get you a suitable mortgage offer to minimise that risk to us as a business.

4. We’re experts at what we do

We’ve spent years training and honing the craft of advising on mortgages and have access to a comprehensive range of mortgage lenders right across the UK.

Our job is to make the process as simple as possible as well as finding you the right mortgage product at the lowest possible cost to you.

We feel that expertise should be valued.

5. We don’t charge any additional fees for insurance help

Whilst we do charge a fee for our mortgage advice, we don’t charge any additional fees for helping you with your insurances.

It’s so vital that you’re aware of the products that can help protect you and your family financially should the worst happen.

We’ll talk to you about your options throughout the process and have the right team in place to help put relevant insurances in place if you want our help.

6. Ongoing mortgage management

Once your mortgage is live, we don’t stop there.

We’ll continue to monitor the market and should we see an opportunity to save you money on your mortgage payments then we’ll be in touch to see if it’s something you want to do.

We’ll also alert you 6 months before your mortgage product rate is due to expire and work with you to decide on the best course of action for you from there, whether that’s taking a new product with your existing lender, moving to a new lender or doing nothing at all.

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